Joe McLoughlin First Aid Supplies - Hospitality

It is a requirement for the Hospitality Industry to have adequate First Aid Supplies on their premises for Staff and Customers. We have a comprehensive selection of products to choose from to suit your individual requirement. Our Products are of the highest quality and are competitively priced to ensure that you are getting value for money. We stock Market leading Brands such as Watergel and Blue Dot which our Customers continually rate as their top-purchases time and time again.

"We at Joe McLoughlin First Aid Supplies can call to your Hotel/Restaurant/Café to supply & maintain your First Aid Supplies as per your requirement"

We can supply a Wall Mounted Cabinet for your Kitchen which can be your ‘go to point’ should an accident occur in the Kitchen. We can also supply First Aid Kits for your Reception, Office, Bar & Laundry Area.

We offer a Call-back Service to Refill your existing First Aid Kits, offering great value for money and peace of mind in the knowledge that Staff and Customers are looked after in the event of a minor injury.

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